Tuesday, May 6, 2014

For my beyond the class I went to the Holocaust museum in Richmond, it was really nice, I got to hear some stories about the people who survived the holocaust, and I got to see some rather disturbing photos It was very informative to say the least, I think it was a really good idea to build a museum dedicated to something such as the holocaust for people my age, and in my generation who maybe don't understand what happened. It was a very interactive tour, you will leave with a very good idea of what the people who experienced the holocaust had to go through, i'll be going back soon and I plan to take a couple friends.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

so I decided the other day that I was going to start recording my everyday life with a camera, the good day, the bad days, every sad moment, every happy I moment I want it all to be on camera and recorded. I've already started recording and watching the videos and so far it looks like a great idea I just cant wait to start putting my videos up on the computer and maybe start a blog or something creative like that, I havent' quite figured out what I want to do with the videos but i'm sure i'll figure it out soon.

The end of the semester is coming and I was supposed to be transferring to another school but it looks like things have changed, and after this semester ends I have really no idea what i'm going to do think i'm going to get another job and just work all the time and pretend like my life isn't wasting away, isn't that terrible? oh well it is what it is I guess.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

it tis' official

so i've finally made it official, this semester will be my last semester at bland and i can't say i'm upset about it. i'm planning to transfer to another school, that's still a two-year but more dedicated to what i want to do which is massage therapy, i've done a good three semesters here and my feelings about this school haven't changed at all and instead of me completely dropping out of school and doing nothing, hopefully this is something that works out for me and something i'll actually enjoy i'd hate to have wasted my time again and not to mention more money. However if things do work out, and i end up completing the program and finding a job i'll be able to move out of my moms house and live on my own, i'll have an actual career helping people and i can finally get my life together and not be a bum. Ever since i decided that college really isn't for me i've had the worse fear that i'd drop out, disappointing everyone around me, never figuring out what i want to do with my life and ultimately becoming a bum, that' why with this i plan to put my 100% all, no slacking and procrastinating like i always do, i have to secede no matter what.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Plane crash

so about a month ago a Malaysian plane "mysteriously" went missing how a giant plane, carrying live people just goes missing blows my mind but I guess in today's world things like that just happen now all of sudden they "believe" the plane crashed somewhere in the Indian ocean. This is just like when 9/11 happened there were so many unanswered questions that no government officials either had the answer for or just didn't plain answer, people who if you did research outside of what the news said people who did have things to say about it just disappeared. How does a plane disappear? like there aren't any radars, satellites they can look at, it just disappeared. Either the plane got high jacked or this is another one of the governments lovely ideas to just kill a bunch of random people for no reason, I understand things happen mechanical problems happen all the time but the fact is if it was something like that, isn't there like control towers the plane can get in touch with some type of mayday they could have sent out SOMETHING, I refuse to believe a plane can just disappear into thin air, no one knows what happened and all of sudden they just say it landed in the ocean case closed. Now all of these families have to deal with the loss of their family members, and all of their questions have to go unanswered something is extremely fishy about the situation and I really hope they find out what really happened.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So the end of the semester is coming quicker than I thought it would, and we've had so many snow days and been out of school so many times I honestly don't feel like I've done anything or learned anything. Every time one of my teachers announces that we have a test coming up, I look lost like so what could we possibly be tested on if we haven't been here, this has the been the worst semester I've ever had not because of grades wise, but actual learning wise. Mother nature has not been on our side this semester, one day it's a nice spring 70 degree day and then by the end of the week I have to pull out my ice scraper and snow boots because we have a snow storm.
Right now i'm sitting in class talking about how easy it is to get distracted from getting things done that you don't want to do, and here I am trying to finish this blog and I can't even concentrate, i'm on my phone, talking to people around me, looking around the room, maybe I have ADD or something lol oh well time to go

Thursday, March 6, 2014

1st accident

So the other day I was coming from shopping with my boyfriend, we we're on the way home when BOOM we got into an accident. The person in front of me stopped short causing me to stop and when I looked in my rear view mirror all I could see was this silver car coming towards us and before I could even breath "bam" hit us then I heard another bang and we got hit again, apparently a truck hit the car that hit us causing it to hit us again, all I could do was cry. I didn't know what to do, how to react I honestly wanted to get out and bash all of their faces in and cuss them out but my boyfriend just kept telling me I need to calm down, everything's okay. luckily it wasn't much damage done to my car despite how hard we got hit, the bumper is hanging my trunk is jammed and my back door won't close all the way, but I still have my life so i'm grateful. Now whenever I drive i'm paranoid I think everyone that gets behind me is going to hit me, I keep picturing the crash in my head. I feel bad because the person responsible for the accident that was in front of me got to drive off as if nothing happened and the driver of the truck that hit the person behind me was held responsible and has to pay which isn't right but....someone had to take the blame, All I know is I defiantly don't ever want to be involved in another accident especially not with me being the driver.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

music & illuminati

I was on facebook the other day and happened to come across a video of famous musicians talking about this thing that has so many people concerned, this so called "illuminati". Known as some type of secret society no one knows about that is full of evil and no good, they talked about how you'll only reach a certain level of being famous before you have to "sacrifice" or "walk through a door" and once you crossover there's no going back. At first most people brush it off as being stupid or something some crazy people made up but is it really stupid or is it stupid because it makes sense? How many songs have you heard by artists that are well known and popular claiming to have "sold their soul to the devil", or songs that were claimed to have some type of hidden demonic message behind them? Plenty of these musicians start out seeming to have their head on the right path, making good music sticking to their morals and all of a sudden things change, I've heard of plenty of times the label they're under wanting to make a change to their image to gain more fans to the fan base, but the way they're going about it just doesn't seem....well normal. Justin Beiber, Miley cyrus, chris brown, just a few examples of people who start out good but end up going down the complete wrong path. It's very easy to blame their behavior on the misuse of drugs and alcohol, or having to much money and to much free time but any mention of the illuminati leaves you with unanswered questions, why? why does it have to be so secretive and what would happen if the illuminati does exist and everyone finds out about it?.......